We met 13 years ago in the darkest, most evil place in London: Baker Street! We were serial killers with a sinister reputation. Fear not, it was an acting gig. We soon started to chat about this and that and it turned out, as we shared our tuna fish salad, we had more in common than just acting. Dancing, movement, our life philosophy and soon a new found passion: YOGA! Today our shared passions and ideologies have evolved into Johanna & Daren Yoga and family life with a beautiful children Caspian and Tuva.

Initially, we started doing yoga to be more flexible and strong. It soon developed into a source of inspiration and personal growth in well-being and we want to share this with you. We combine our expertise in yoga and our professional theatre backgrounds to give you a yoga experience, embracing a mix of quality instruction, down to earth connection, humour and inspiration. Our approach to teaching aims to break down barriers and deliver feel good yoga, that’s simple, easily learned and effective. 

Our classes blend studies in traditional Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Yoga Nidra and mindfulness relaxation techniques. We provide live online Zoom sessions, pre-recorded video you can access anytime anywhere, monthly events and in person studio classes. IT’S EASIER THAN YOU THINK!

Johanna Lovisa Andersson has taught yoga for 11 years and delivers playful and heartfelt classes. Bringing the feminine energy, she can challenge you with creative flows and guide you into levels and options without the need to feel competitive. 

One of Johanna’s biggest breakthroughs in yoga came when she was able to let go of jealousy and competition in her performing arts carer and enjoy fellow artists successes. Facing her fear of being upside down, practicing head stands made her grow stronger, both on and off the mat. There are always highs and lows along the way, but with yoga Johanna has learned she can see things from different perspectives and never give up. An attitude that shines through in her classes.  

Yoga also played a huge part during Johanna’s two pregnancies. Having had two very different birth experiences, she knows yoga and breath work, gave her the support and strength she needed during the delivery of Caspian and Tuva. 

Johanna has taught children’s yoga at Indaba, one of Londons most prestigious yoga studios. Additionally she is an advocate of children’s wellness at school. She teaches a variety of workshops, health days and after school clubs at many schools throughout the borough and is in high demand. With avid yoga followers throughout Europe for her online zoom classes, she also runs her own live in-person classes and workshops through Johanna Lovisa Yoga

– Certified Yoga Instructor (Vinyasa, Hatha) Quantum Yoga
– Certified Relax & Restore (Restorative Yoga) with Judith Hanson Lasater
– Certified Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga (Appleyoga)
– Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher (Yoga Bananas)

Daren Luke Kelly brings over 30 years of teaching experience to yoga. Before teaching yoga, he worked at the highest level in the fitness industry as an international teacher for Les Mills Fitness and ran his own personal training company.

Daren delivers high quality yoga classes that will engage and motivate you. With a strong focus on technique, his expertise lies in breaking down the yoga postures to make everything feel attainable. This makes it easy for you to choose what feels good and enjoy your yoga. Daren’s classes are a fusion of stretching, strength and core postures.

He is the creator of DudeYoga, a mission to bring the men to the mat!

He studied Vinyasa Yoga under the tutorship of Vidya Jacqueline Heisel at the Frog Lotus Centre, Suryalila, Spain. Elements of study included: yoga posture (asana), breathing technique (pranayama), anatomy/physiology, yoga history/philosophy and Hatha interdisciplinary.

– Certified Yoga Instructor (Vinyasa, Hatha) Frog Lotus Yoga
– Yoga Nidra Meditation, level 1 & 2
– Former Presenter for Les Mills